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These are my Secret Top 2 Post Workout Meal recipe for Muscle building and fat loss is here. It hardly takes 2 minutes or even less to prepare with the post workout meals. One is post workout smoothie or post workout shake. The other one is a different version but the same ingredients will be used in the 2nd recipe. This is extremely important recipe video for students and office people since they don’t have time to cook food or too make complicated recipes. Here we will be using almonds, oats, dates, banana, chia seeds, Whey protein isolate and 2 secret ingredients for our best tasting meal replacement for muscle building. Best post workout meal .

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This post workout smoothie is extremely easy and quick to make. You can have it as breakfast, post workout, or any easy meal replacement snack during the day. It is a high calorie high protein smoothie for bodybuilding which will help you to reach your muscle building goals fast. This post workout shake can also be used as a pre workout meal. Just remove the peanut butter from the ingredients list and you will have a low fat fast digesting pre workout meal or shake. This oatmeal smoothie has round about 750 calories with good amount of carbs, proteins and fats that will help your muscles to recover from an intense workout. Post workout kya khana chahiye ? This video is the answer. These 2 recipes or meals can also be included in the best bodybuilding snacks for students and office people.

Abhinav Mahajan Best Post Workout Meal for Muscle gain and fat Loss. Easy Meal replacement for Students and office people.

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  1. Please make video on correct form of every workout. Eg. If talking about chest workout then show correct form of all major chest workouts. Then maybe in part 2 series make videos on remaining workouts

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