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Best Pre Workout Meal For Bulking: Pro Diet Tips For Gaining Mass

Here’s how to gain weight fast:

In this video, fitness model Troy Adashun breaks down the best pre workout meal for bulking and shares his top secret tips to maximize muscle building potential through pre-workout nutrition pathways.

The best pre workout meal for bulking is going to help you get into a calorie surplus and provide the necessary energy to crush a killer muscle building workout session.

The best pre workout meal for bulking should have the following elements:

1. High quality protein
2. Slow digesting carbohydrates
3. Omega 3 fatty acids for added muscle growth, energy, and recovery
4. Not upset your stomach and be easy to digest

Now this is a complicated list and a lot of so called healthy meals do not fit into all 4 of these categories.

The pre workout meal featured in this video is all of the above and a bag of gains!

Here’s what’s in the meal:

1 can of wild caught salmon
1 cup or organic jasmine brown rice
1 tbsp. coconut oil
1 tbsp. hemp Seeds

The wild caught salmon and the hemp seeds are two of the richest sources of omega 3 fatty acids in the world. On top of this they provide an abundance of muscle building protein to power your workout and recovery.

Hemp seeds are high in calories and provide nearly 200 quality nutrient dense calories per 3 tbsp. When you are in bulking season its all about creating that healthy calorie surplus!

Coconut oil is the perfect healthy fat for pre workout nutrition because it contains MCT’s which help your body with energy and are less likely to be stored as body fat.

Brown rice is a great pre workout carbohydrate choice because its easy to digest and it is a slow digesting carbohydrate providing sustainable energy levels.

At the end of the video, Troy also shares his top secret pre workout drink that will radically spike your energy levels and give you a rich source of antioxidants!

If you’re serious about bulking season try this meal before your next hardcore workout and let us know what you think!

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Best Pre Workout Meal for Bulking: Pro Diet Tips for Gaining Mass


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  1. No potatoes?? Wow! Whenever I bulk I cannot go without potatoes. Potatoes (for me) are the essential carb/starch when it comes to bulking. I usually prepare my meals similar to how Troy prepares it (very healthy) but the only difference is I always add in potatoes and a ton of raw vegetables/salad in my meal. If I don't add potatoes in my meal then I'll continue to look like a skinny stick. Troy seems to have more of a mesomorph body type instead of a ectomorph body type since he can still bulk up without eating any potatoes. And also because he seems to have more of a wide and thick bone structure.

  2. nice video , I came here to get better knowledge in weight gaining foods the healthy way.  I need some help with that. Not so much to bulk up but to put 10 20 pounds on. I'm really underweight for my age.

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