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Best Routine For Building Muscle @hodgetwins

Bro Splits versus Full Body Training and different bodybuilding routines


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  1. In my opinion the best way to go is to start with some 5×5 to get some strength action going on… and then switch to a PHAT type routine. 1 day power upper body, next day power lower body. Rest on the 3rd day and then 3 days of hypetrophy splits. Shit gets you all kinds of gains… you will still be training power for strength and motivation and you'll be making ALL KINDS OF GAINZ from the splits. All kindzzzzz

  2. the thing is, no matter how hard I trained last day, i never feel tired 🙁 because of that, just hitting my muscles twice a week feels a bit wrong… is it still better tho? (atm im doing Fullbody training every sencond day or even everyday)

  3. You guys use to say you need a whole day off between workouts and you guys use to say that you could not recover from working out every day.. And that was when you was younger. Now you are pushing 40s and doing the exact opposite working different muscles every day, for days in a row.. What changed?

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