Fitness Workout for Men

Best Six Pack Abs Exercises for Men at Home

No gym required. Do this Six Pack Abs Workout at home with only your body weight. Here are the best exercises for men to get that hard to find 6-pack.

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Here’s the workout:

[Primal Resets]

Bear Stationary Walk
Dead Bug
Bird Dog
Hollow Rock

Do each of them for time (20-30 secs) or do them for reps (start with 10)

[Met Con]

Lunge Twist
Shadow Box
Cherry Pickers
Squat Jump to Twist & Overhead Reach
Cross Body Mt Climber
Windshield Wiper
Russian Twist

Again, do these for time or for reps. Start with 20 secs and increase by 10 secs up to one minute for advanced lifters.


Elbow Front Plank
Elbow Side Plank with Hip Drop
High Plank Shoulder Tap
High Plank Bird Dog
Side Plank Star Fish Hold
Superman Hold

These are best for time. Again, start with 10-20 secs and go up 10 secs as you improve.

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