Fitness Workout for Men

Best Stretching Exercises For Men and Women Going Gym.

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I wanted to let you know guys, i am so thankful for your support and love here, i was traveling for a project this month and somehow i got this opportunity to review this product, as such i had no such plans of youtube videos as i was mainly traveling for work and had no camera, mics etc.

But seeing your response on instagram about uploading videos on youtube inspired me and i decided not to wait till i reach home, and start working on it.

You can see i have shot using poor camera, in cafe and in ground,to give my best to you with better content. I hope you like my effort and i dont want to delay further for uploading videos here so i decided to create with what i have and equipments i have used are mentioned below.

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➡About this Video : In this video i have tried to show some important and necessary stretching movements for every single individual but much more effective and useful if you are a gym person.
Generally we lack stretching moves in gym apart of basic stretches and hence we need theses types of stretches which will help you with your workout session as well.
for example these exercises involves stretching of your glutes, lats core which will help you improve your squats, deadlifts and abdominals symmetry and posture to a great extent.

I would be glad if you share this video to your friends so that our fitnessinfinity team grows, without your support we are nothing.

Supplements I recommend (only if your diet lacks enough protein)


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I love creating fitness videos for you. I also love helping you make the most of what you do to help your own body grow. I try my best to upload quality content all the time and I’m always looking for ways to improve, constructive criticism is always accepted. I upload fitness workouts, nutritional advice, advice videos & much more!

If you enjoy what you see and wish to stay updated, feel free to subscribe! Your support is greatly appreciated and I do read all of my comments!

Thanks for watching.
It means a lot to me.
Happy to help

Those who are watching my work,thank you so much for supporting.

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