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Best Workout Routine To Build Muscle And Burn Belly Fat- Teenagers, Men & Women

In this video I will give you the best workout routine to build muscle and burn belly fat naturally!!!

First of all the best workout routine to build muscle for teenagers or men is compound exercises. These have to be in your routine at all times no matter what. Concentrate on getting stronger at these compound exercises!

The three factors that are in the best workout routine:

Mechanical tension- Getting stronger over a period of time

Metabolic stress- Chasing the pump and cell swelling.

Muscle damage- Eccentrics and hitting the muscle from different angles.

When all of these factors are in a workout routine you will gain as much muscle as possible. The mechanical tension is the primary factor for growth followed by metabolic stress.

The compound exercises in the best workout routine to build muscle and burn belly fat ensures mechanical tension is applied. For natural lifters getting stronger at the compound exercises is very important. A lot of teenagers neglect this to build muscle as well as losing belly fat.

To build muscle you need to apply metabolic stress. Most people are already doing this as they’re chasing the pump anyway. This is already in most peoples workout routine. Especially the teenagers that want to get big fast.





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