Workout Meals

Bodybuilder Diet Example – Post Workout Breakfast

Showing you one of the post workout meals I have. What you might call post workout, I usually refer to as breakfast.


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  1. Please make a video how you manage to get up at 5 and be at the gym at 5:15 or 5:30… I wish I could be that fast, I need 1 hour or 1:30 to get there… 
    I need to
    -take a **/**, 5 min / 
    -shower 10 min / 
    -shave 10 min / 
    -brush teeth 10 min (I'm OCD here) / 
    -and at least another 10 min until I leave the house / 
    -30 min to go to the gym (bike) and get clothed there / 
    1:30 to train / 
    -another 20 minutes home / 
    -shower 10 min (I don't shower at the gym because I'll still sweat, if it's so close after the training) / 

    I'm supposed to be in class at 8:00, which is why I used to get up at 4:00
    I wonder why it takes me 4 hours and I'm still in a hurry while others seem to be able to do it in 2 hours…

    Any help how I can be as fast as you guys would be appreciated Brandon. Love your channel!

  2. Great vid on a workout meal Brandon, thanks for it, 1 tip, I have been a professional cook, my entire life & have learned that using pepper in a skillet, actually destroys the pepper, it burns it up, it does not usually end up cooking into the food, only a very small percentage, always add your pepper after the hot food is cooked, thanks again.

  3. Yea agree, i disagree his way of throwing away egg yolk and adding whey protein to almost every meal, it just that he helped me quitting a bad habit of eating junk food, so I kinda owed it to him :)

  4. People have to understand scooby is an extremist when it comes to nutrition, everyone has their own way when it comes to choice of meal for bodybuilding.

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