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Just a heads up, this is NOT only for bodybuilders 😉 Anyone can cook like this it is just a simple way to have some food readily available! Also keep in mind chicken, beef, and rice are NOT the only things you can cook in bulk but they are main staples in my diet, and I often mix them with other sides (sweet potatoes, vegetables, etc.)

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  1. I'm just starting off, can you guys help me out here? So, the more calories you intake equals the more weight you gain… or is it the more calories you intake, the more you burn at the gym or something like that. This is a bit confusing but I'm getting there. Oh, also is it the more carbs you intake is the more calories you burn?? Aha thanks.

  2. Bro :Heeeeey sis can you teach me how to cook this ?!
    Me: i am coming sweety (ain't no time for your Dirty minds Bastards )
    Bro: leaves the kitchen Forever
    Me: prepared the seven meals


  3. He should've rinse the brown rice first! Not put it in the water and cook it straight away! and for the chicken just steam it instead of frying the protein and nutrients won't minimize

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