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Just a quick booty workout AND my easy pre/post vegan workout meals that I had on this specific day!

Tofu recipe:

My blender:


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Hi, and welcome to my channel! I’m Sarah and I’m from New Zealand! On my channel, you will see videos about compassionate living, me and my families vegan lifestyle, travel, life in NZ, plant-based recipes, health and nutrition, vlogs, tips and tricks and hopefully more! x

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  1. You are very inspiring, thank you for taking the time to share with us ❤❤❤

    Are you following any food combining principles in your diet? Would be great to know more about that.

  2. Hello Sarah! My name is Astrid and I recently found your YouTube channel and I've fallen in love with you and your channel. You have such a gorgeous personality but you are also so beautiful inside and out! I had been thinking about going vegan for a while now, but after I found your channel and watched some of your videos I have finally decided to become vegan! I'm super glad I have because it's just so much better for you and your lifestyle so thank you so much! It truly means a lot to me. Do you possibly have any tips for beginners that have just gone vegan? And also, may you make a heathly vegan lunch or dinner video or maybe even breakfast video? That'd be quite lovely. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family!!!! xx 

  3. Thanks for the recipe at the end — could you do some food videos showing you in the kitchen preparing and cooking the meal?  It would be more interesting than just the closeups of the food, and more motivational (for me at least) 🙂  Do some on what hair products you use on your lovely hair!

  4. I recently had a friend over and we decided to make a smoothie together. When I put in a second Banana she protested and said that more than one banana is waay too much. I didn't know what to say. I usually have at least two bananas in a smoothie thats just for me! :D

  5. hello sarah pls make a video on your experience on overeating and binges at your first days/ weeks of ED recovery. i need your help im still counting calories on my recovery coz my lifestyle is i just love walking and once a week light pilates or yoga for 30 mins. im eating at 1450 cal for a 5'0 woman. i used to eat 1200 and workout almost everyday intense but with having secinfaty ammenorhea i stopped working out too much

  6. my god your house looks absolutely beautiful. only always seen the kitchen which i liked a lot because its modern but simple, no kitch and anything. would love to see a housetour of the rest :)

  7. Hey Sarah! Thank you so much for all your recommendations in your video about healthy hair. I am vegan but started eating more seeds (the ones you said were good) and have definitely seen the changes!! Thanks :)

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