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Boxing Nutrition | Pre-Workout Meal | Rice & Eggs

Whats up guys!
In this video, I talk about pre-workout nutrition. First and foremost it is important to be hydrated throughout the day. I know it is easy for us to skip water and go straight to coffee trust me I’m guilty of that sometimes. Make sure to drink some water upon waking up THEN have that cup of coffee.
3 main things I go over in this video:
1) Hydration
2) Glucose Availability (Carbs)
3) Amino Acid Availability (Protein)

It is important to choose low fat and fiber foods because these foods will slow down digestion and you don’t want discomfort during your work out (at least not digestion discomfort) on top of that your body uses so much energy to digest food. Use that energy for the training!

I show you guys how to hard boil eggs and cook white jasmine rice. Well, the rice cooker does that part for me. Hope you guys enjoy!

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