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Bulked Up: Jeff Seid Full Day Bulking Meal Schedule and Chest Workout

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Chest Workout

Incline Barbell Bench 4 sets of 15, 12, 10, 8 **Bonus Pyramid Set**

Incline DB Flys 4 sets of 8-10

Flat DB Bench 4 sets of 10, 8, 8, 6 drop set each set failure

Cable Flys 4 sets 8-10 drop set each set to failure

Dips 4 sets of failure

Pull-Overs 4 sets of 10-12


Standing Calf Raise 5 sets of 10-15 drop set each set failure

Seated Calf Raise 4 sets of 8-12 double drop each set *Hold weight at bottom of rep, let partner take off the weight*

Track List:

Daniel Kandi – #Trancefamily
Farid – Afloat (Original Mix)
Proto Bytez – Reality [HQ Edit]
Zatox – WTF
Outbreak – Blackout (Official Ground Zero 2016 Anthem)

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  1. jeff i got a question for you i hope you answer this i will be greatfull

    why are you doing upside down pyrmide i mean you start from heavy weights to lower

    and since when are u doing that ?

    and thanks for the background music thats gives boooms andrenline
    and speicaly thanks for the food list ..

    i think i like you :)

  2. Did you know everyone believes including the female audience think men look like bodybuilders with bulging stomachs and big muscles have taken Anabolic Steroids to get that body and for anyone that is not bodybuilder but a Physique competitor do not take Anabolic steroids which is false.

    Realise this, there three different body types everyone have Mesomorph, Ectomorph and Endomorph.

    The gifted body is the Mesomorph because they can easily build muscle and have small waist and stay aesthetic no matter what they eat or drink even do to workout same with Ectomorph's to but they have a tough time putting on muscle which is why they are rarely be in the heavyweight bodybuilding division which is why they compete in modelling competitions for men's division in the physique contest they need to still build muscle than just have abs and chest also small waist but more muscle not to big but average unfortunately they need to take Anabolic steroids to build muscle in a short term to see fast results.

    Everyone thinks Steroids builds muscle and makes you huge but also there are different types of steroids all have the same sidaffects kidney failure, insomnia, acne, aggression.

    Some steroid types are used to define muscles and to be aesthetic and some lose weight faster than going on a strict diet but there's a problem these steroids are expensive to buy and illegal but these physique model competitors are taking these performance enhancement drugs to be lean, mean, ripped, toned, arsthetic but muscular staying below 60 kg or 125 pounds.

    Maybe that physique competitors have better body shape and physique being acceptable to society and community for their lean aesthetic body but still both male bodybuilders compete for the IFBB Pro Olympia contest in the heavy weight division and the IFBB Men's Physique Pro both take steroids for different types.

    Reality which one if the two takes more?

    Everyone thinks the one with big arms, big chest, big muscular back with bulging stomach having abs takes it.

    Reality it is not them because they just need to build muscle for whatever they have taking few times a year than the aesthetic needs more depending on their body type it's hard for anyone in the world to maintain definition and detail than size you can keep being big long time like months but not definition eventually it will all be gone in weeks depending on your diet and training or worse less.

    But still there is allot of discrimination, which body type is acceptable being to muscular like the heavy weights having big arms or model like bodybuilders but aesthetic like Jeff Seid etc.

    Realise this, most people think everyone can become like these guys compete on stage which maybe true but you still need to know the downfall and that is do you have the lifestyle, genetics, genes to build muscle and stay lean even genes make you not lazy to workout that way no matter what the result be or age you are you still workout regardless the time unlike majority give up doing little and seeing results maybe just seeing their arms get big or have lean waist with abs that's it showing off some guys are gifted they want to go a little more than that competing in these shows which is why they are there going to the distance not caring how many times they place last or first even second but keep coming back.

    Just whoever is out of shape see another person in shape like bodybuilders from the 70s 7-Time Mr Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, even from the 90s 6-Time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates but really there are people look like model physique competitors being ripped even anyone be aesthetic like Jeff Seid or the well known Australian-Russian World physique model champion Zyzz taking steroids.

    Either be muscular like IFBB Professional heavy weight bodybuilders 4-Time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler, 8-Time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman, 2-Time Arnold Classic Champion Kai Greene, 5-Time Arnold Classic Champion Dexter 'Blade' Jackson, 5-Time Mr Olympia Phil Heath or aesthetic light weight bodybuilders like IFBB Professional Men's physique Jeff Seid, Greg Plitt, Aziz Shavershian 'Zyzz'.

    So the next time you judge a guy for big his muscles are and accept to think guys being aesthetic and ripped but slimmer bring under 60 or 70 kg are not taking performance enhancement drugs like Anabolic steroids think again because don't matter if they look heavy weight 'big' or light weight 'slim or toned' they can still be taking steroids than just saying guys look like heavy weight bodybuilders taking steroids.

    There are steroids to make you lean, ripped, toned and aesthetic but still it's cheating.

    You decide!

  3. Half adobe reps, soo in real they where 20 procent, what a pussy weight and what a poor execution….. if i see him ill give him cash for his gay bieber look, maybe that the barber will make him look a bit better. Hard to believe if the barber didnt a adobe lesson…..

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