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Bulking vs Cutting Workout Plans

How To Have An Epic Fat Loss Transformation:

Lots of fitness people like to separate bulking and cutting workout plans as if they are entirely difference. In my opinion there is not much difference between them. The only difference between them is that bulking plans have more volume and cutting plans do not. When you eat more calories and are at a surplus, it’s a lot easier to lift harder and more often since you will recover faster and generally have more energy in the gym. While cutting, you will lack energy and your recovery time is going to increase making it harder to keep up.

In summary, if you download a cutting plan and want to bulk just increase the days you workout per week and/or increase the amount of sets you do. Similarly, if you download a bulking plan and want to cut, reduce the amount of days you workout per week or reduce the amount of sets you do. That’s really the only difference between the programs IMHO…

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