Fitness Workout for Men

Cardio Workout For Men To Lose Belly Fat

Want a ripped set of abs? Follow this 6-minute cardio workout for men to lose belly fat. Traditional cardio is only making you more fat, weaker, and crushing your male-hormones. Start transforming your body with this cardio workout for men to lose belly fat.

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  1. I'm currently a freshmen in college and am trying to stay fit. It's a big change going from playing high school sports to none at all. I'm trying to get a plan figured out to stay fit. Would this cardio workout be something to do everyday? Then lift 3 days a week or is the there a better way to go about it?

  2. hey man! you got a subscriber. I like your video since it's practical for me. I am 34yrs and gaining weight rapidly 104 kilos currently, 182 cms height. Small request just never forget your audience mostly have belly fat and it makes hard to exercise like a fit person who is already at epitome of fitness 😉 thanks for gud videos

  3. Great video! I'll be attempting this routine soon enough since I am officially at 19% body fat, mostly on my mid-section as measured with both skinfolds and underwater weight technique. I'm sure this useless fat is slowing me down big time on the climbs for both running and cycling! I'd like to get down to 10-12% body fat but maintain my weight.

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