Fitness Workout for Women

Chair Workout – Full Body Workout for Women

Stuck at he office? Don’t have time to hit Gym? Don’t give up on your work out. Jyotika Anant a fitness expert at Mantan The Fitness Lounge shows nine chair exercises you can do at office or home. These exercises offer a total cardio and strength workout.

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Chair Exercise #1 Squats 00:00:36
Chair Exercise #2 Leg Extension 00:01:20
Chair Exercise #3 Split Squat 00:02:12
Chair Exercise #4 Split Squat 00:02:12
Chair Exercise #5 Glute Kick Back 00:02:55
Chair Exercise #6 Calf Stretch 00:03:42
Chair Exercise #7 Plank 00:04:18
Chair Exercise #8 Mountain Climbers 00:05:12
Chair Exercise #9 Arm exercise 00:05:59

Filler exercise #1 Jumping Jack 00:07:05
Filler exercise #2 Scissors 00:07:31

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  1. maam with due respect sqats should not be done without warm up as it can give injuries please give such disclaimers orelse people will injure themselves and will never continue because of the pain

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