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CHEST MASS WORKOUT training exercise best massive muscle Mr. Universe

In this Video I show you exactly how to do MASSIVE CHEST WORKOUT in perfection and what that looks like.
I also show the proper amount of repetitions and sets to get a massive chest.

I wanted to make it just as a real workout plan for best mass growth in upper and lower chest with the following execises:

– Benchpress with Barbell
– Dumpbell inline Press
– Benchpress Barbell incline
– Lower Chest Cable
– Upper Chest Cable

We will produce more Workout videos with exact workout plan.

Hope you guys liked it! If so please give it a dumps up to this video and follow me. 🙂

Learn more from Mr. Universe 2015 and 2017 Kwadwo Sarpong.

I love to tell you all my secrets about healthy nutrition, workout,
muscle training and how you can combine all these to a successful
road to success.
Not only for budybuilding but of course for everybody who wants to get
in a fit and healty shape.

Looking forward to share more valuable things!

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