Fitness Workout for Women

Chest Workout For Women | Grow Your Boobies!

Hey, babes! Welcome back ???? Here is an amazing chest workout to get your boobies tight, lifted and HUGE! Chest workouts are my biggest secret to an eye-catching cleavage, so get after it!!

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Superset 1 | 4 ROUNDS
Dumbbell Chest Press 12-15 reps
Dumbbell Chest Flyes 12-15 reps

Superset 2 | 4 ROUNDS
Incline Dumbbell Chest Press 12-15 reps
Incline Close Grip Press 12-15 reps

Superset 3 | As many rounds until failure!
Tricep Push-ups 10 reps
Wide-set Push-up 10 reps

Love you, babes! XO

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  1. if i have a small chest, wont doing these exercises just get rid of all the little "fat" I have there and end up with a manly chest? should I do less reps to just grow muscle under the fat, or is that even possible? help please!

  2. i have large breast n im lossing weight but my boobs r becoming squishy . i just want 2 firm them .could i still do these exercises? or do. u recommend something else

  3. Quick question: What earbuds are you using in all of your videos- needing a wireless pair and I like the style of your and the fact that they are a wrap-around type. Thanks Whit!

  4. I really like this, but is there a way to do the push up s and only target the chest. I'm doing internal oblique exercises and transverse abdominal exercises to cinch in my waist, but trying to not build up muscle on my external obliques which I know can happen if you do push ups.

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