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Chris Hemsworth's Workout Explained By His Personal Trainer | Train Like a Celebrity | Men's Health

Luke Zocchi, Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer, takes us to Hemsworth’s home in Byron Bay Australia, where he puts Hemsworth’s stunt double through the workout he designed for Hemsworth for the new Men In Black Movie.

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  1. Who is that punk, sissy, bitch, training Hemsworth? Are you kidding me? Some 12 year old from street with fuckboy haircut who can count to 5? How are these little teen losers getting to be in position like this? Hey I'm making big money because I look like I'm getting fucked with big strapon dildo and can put together workout from reading couple fitness magazines……WTF WTF?????
    Why would you get trainer who is 12 years old??? I knew 30 years ago more than this asshole, cunt, idiot, loser, will know on his dying bed. And he will still be having that buttplug haircut and be retarded from too much soy products…..I like Chris but getting punk kid like this to train you??………

  2. Yeah unless you have your own yard you wont be able to do a few of these. The idea of me bear crawling around my apartment complex gives me a good laugh.

  3. What a bullshit workout! This does not get you a body like that at all… This is the kind of stuff fat women do to convince themselves they're working out lol!

  4. FYI, Chris Hemsworth built his physique mainly with the trainer Duffy Gaver, go check him out, badass motherfucker who helped Chris build his body using old school bodybuilding.

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