Fitness Workout for Women

Chris Powell Level 1 Beginners Workout | 15 Minute Exercise Routine – Chris Powell takes you through a great exercise routine that can be done by people at any fitness level. This is great for beginners to get back in to shape and also a great addition to the Chris Powell 12-Week Bode Challenge. Join the challenge at

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  1. ok so, I've been doing nothing but gaming and sitting on my butt for years. Partially due to depression but also because I just kinda gave up on life for a long time. I decided last night that I'm tired of how things are so I did this workout. Sweating like mad but feel pretty great. I hope I can stick to it.

    I'm currently 175 pounds i'm only 5 feet tall and I'd like to get down to a size that allows me to go out in nature and be active. I don't want to be skinny, I want to be healthy. I love nature but feel my ways of the past 15 years have really done bad to my body. I have disc degeneration in my back and have to deal with bad pain when I walk. I hope loosing weight will help my back. I also think It will help my self esteem because I'm doing something for once and will be able to see results. I am so hopeful. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for the video. Although I am not overweight, I am out of shape. I wanted an easy introduction to an exercise routine that I know I will continue. The exercises were easy on my joints ( i ve had previous surgery and a little arthritis to boot) and I was able to complete the routine, which makes me more likely to do it again. Although the exercises were gently, I still broke a sweat. Thank you again Chris for the excellent video.

  3. Hello people of the internet. I'm 12 years old severely overweight like 180 pounds. (Somehow I apparently look 140 according to my friend) I'm trying this workout and I'm going to seriously start my life again. I actually thought about just being anorexic and throw up food, but this seems easier since I get squeamish at the sight of throw up. Soo, wish me luck. My goal is going from 180 to 130

  4. I'm so excited to do this today! I was losing hope because I was trying to do workouts that were a bit too intense for me. All these positive comments I'm reading too! Super motivated! 😀 good luck everyone

  5. i love this video. i don't feel like such a loser as I do when I try the other "beginner" videos out there. Chris makes me feel I can do it and I don't have to push so hard that I disappoint myself because i just can't keep up. God bless you Chris and Heidi!!!

  6. I LOVE seeing people with extra meat on their bones trying this exercise. Seeing thin and fit people kind of makes me underestimate myself and it sets me up with disappointment. OF COURSE, they can do it but I've got some "extra baggage" on me and this exercise really helps! Hoping to lose 50 pounds this year!

  7. After a month of Plexus and 30 pounds lighter i am so ready to take on the addition of exercising. i finally have the energy and motivation to do it. i figure if i lost 30 pounds just using plexus, imagine what the addition of exercise will do!!!! 305 as of this morning! WIsh me luck! If anyone reading wants to try my routine, message me!

  8. I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm fat- I eat healthily, but I do not exercise much because I'm not really athletic and flexible and most workout videos I watch, I find myself not being able to do many of the exercises. But this video was pretty straight forward for me and I found the guy really motivating and not condescending like many of the instructors. It was also nice to see some people in the background who were not noticeably professionals at these exercises, because it showed that you don't have to do them perfect first time for it to make a difference. I will definitely be using this video more often when I feel as if I've had a lazy day.

  9. I'm so glad that I found this as I was looking for a workout that will slowly build up my fitness levels over a period of time. It's so easy to follow and keep up, its a very gentle way of exercising and a brilliant introduction…I've looked at a few beginners workouts and they were not as straight forward as this. I've just started a structured 12 week gym programme and this will compliment it and keep me active on my resting and days off…Initially I thought that 15 minutes would not be enough. But it is as you stretch and work your body out. Already I can feel that areas have been stimulated. He's very encouraging and I love how he interacts with the group. I honestly feel that I will be able to stick to this. Thank you Chris Powell.

  10. Holy shit. This video is amazing. I love seeing a fitness instructor working with people in their videos who are not already professionals, it adds a whole new level of motivation. I know that this is super old but thank you so much. This will be my workout from now on. 230-240 pounds and hoping to get to at least 180!!

  11. Just started this 4 days ago, sore so i know it's working.Healthy eating started can't wait to see a difference back issues and elbows surgery after rehab if i can do this anybody can . Don't give up stay with it make a change it's worth it!!

  12. Jan 9th 267 lbs Feb 3 265 lbs. Lets get right together. Less is more! Start small and work on up. Today is my first day doing more than just 10 minutes in workouts. I did 1hr today compilation of various workouts. I am happy and I want all of you to do it with me. Lets get our mind, body and spirits right! yay and congrats to all who have decided to be healthy. Hooray and a small red smoothie for those who finished the video in good spirits!

  13. I'm 170 and can't seem to drop lower than that. Lost 25 lbs this past year. i started with level one. Nice beginning exercise! I'm on to level two. I think I can do it. I love there are heavy men and women here. Makes me feel welcome. Thanks very much!! 🙂

  14. Great workout, just what I am looking for, I had trouble with the one where you had to get down on the floor and get straight up, my muscles aren't strong enough in my thighs to get me up.

  15. this is great for beginners like myself and others. I watched the whole video and made it through. there are a couple of exercises that I had difficulty doing. overall it's a good video. I'm currently training to do a marathon in November and learning these exercises really helps.

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