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Coming 2015 – 12 Week HOME WORKOUT Plan

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  1. do you guys have an idea on when the first few weeks of the program will be released. Really amped to get started on it, i have been hitting up a combination of your other @home videos and so really excited to get started on a full program. Really loving what you guys are bringing to the table! Keep it up

  2. Hey buff dudes, i am 172cm 154lbs and 24 yrs of age…i was skinny frm my childhood but then at the age of 18 i was 114 lbs and started working out..over the years i grew some size and muscles and a lot of fat as well on my belly. i do moderate work out which includes 5 weekdays workout and 2 days abs and 2 days cardio exercises. Its been a while on this program and but m not seeing improvements on my body… i want to build bigger muscles with less fat…could you guys suggest me what changes should i make to achieve that.. Help me !

  3. Do you recommend food diaries or do you know where to get a good one? Just started to actually follow what I eat and it seems it is very easy to get up to 2500 kcal if you don't watch what you eat. For me that is probably the limit in order not to gain fat. I decided I would actually try to lose some weight slowly by aiming at 2000 kcal / day.

    Going to combine this with increased exercise and possibly your 12 week workout plan

  4. Gentlemen (Dudes, lol), I wanted to thank you for the work you put into these videos. I'm 8 weeks into your 2014 workout/meal plan (my gf makes your recipes all the time) and I'm down 15lbs, but am also much more solid and toned. Thanks again for the down to earth, realistic videos that we can all relate to. Best! James

  5. bring it on. I did your back/shoulders work out the other day and it was awesome. I know how to work out but I get in there walking around and loose focus sometimes….Have a great Christmas

  6. Can't wait for the new work out plan and to see what new work outs you guys come up with.

    Your workout plans really changed the way I work out and I thank you for that. I was 119 pounds and after 5-6 months on your routine I am up to 155 pounds mostly muscle all thanks to the 12 week program and eating constantly.

    Keep up the good work guys 

    take care

    Hi from CANADA

  7. As a suggestion for 2015, I would love to see a little bit of forearm and some leg exercises for the at-home-workout. Thanks for the vids and merry Christmas DUDES, and for all you guys in the comment section, Happy Holidays.  

  8. Discovered the buff dudes channel half a year ago, really enjoyed the previous workout plan, it keeps me and my brother motivated and not to forget we had some great gains. Looking forward to a next one. Also recommended some friends to follow the program, they are enjoying the videos aswell and use it as their workout routine;) Greetings from Belgium

  9. I'd like to see a back workout that really build muscle. If I do back workouts for at home, they never work! And I'd like to see how you can combine cardio with muscle building. Cardio after or before workout and stuff. And what about nutrition if you don't have supplements? What should you drink after the workout then?

  10. This needs to come out around new years so that either of the two following happen:

    1. New Year's rezzers don't fill up the gym in January because they see your video and realize that they don't have to buy a gym membership that they are going to give up on immediately
    2. I can stay away from the gym for a while and wait for the New Year's rezzers to come and go.

  11. Ever since i stumbled upon you dudes i have always followed your videos. You are so hilarious and so informative. i love u guys(no homo). (all the way from Africa….{que the drums and people singing in the background}..)

  12. Dudes! I love your channel. I´ve  just discovered it so i´m looking forward for the 2015´s 12wProgram!! Keep up your awesome work and have graet holidays!!!!!! Regards from Argentina!!

  13. Dudes, whats up. Love your videos. It would be nice if you could explain more about specific muscles involved in this or that exercise, also what relation between intensity and volume you recommend and why. Also put up some more recipies, They're awesome!

  14. I'm very curious to know how you're going to do pulling exercises at home without gym equipement, such as the few you did in your shoulders workout video from a few days ago

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