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Complete LEG Workout Routine at the GYM

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Over the next few videos I’m going to put together a 3 day basic bodybuilding split routine that will cover a complete workout program for all your major muscle groups.

This is the third video covering Workout 3 – Legs and Abdominals.

The Leg Workout Includes:
– Barbell Squats
– Leg Press
– Leg Press Calve Raise
– Leg Extension
– Leg Curl
– Standing Calve Raise
– Walking Lunges
– Decline Bench Sit Ups
– V-Ups

The first workout (Part 1) is – Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps at:

The second Workout (Part 2) is – Back & Biceps at:

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  1. I'm thrilled that I found you on YouTube. Love your videos, great information, well communicated and your just awesome man. Love the stretching videos btw. Thanks!!! ????

  2. Hey Lee, thanks for the informative video.
    I have been in the gym for 1.5 year approx., and took some breaks in between. I have an ectomorph kind of body, which means gaining mass is somewhat more difficult. I have been using your 3 day split routine for a while and I think it's quite useful. However I want to focus more on my upper body. I'm thinking of a 3 day split routine without a complete leg workout, but rather 3 workouts that mainly focus on the upper body, and then occasionally throwing in 2-3 leg exercises. Would you have any tips or recommendations about how to adjust my 3 day split routine? Also, I take protein/creatin shakes. I think it's quite important since for me, putting on mass is a bit more difficult than for others, and as a result i think I can speed up the process by taking some supplements.

  3. Hey Lee, I watched all 3 parts of this series. would it be okay to do each routine twice a week, accumulating a 6 day workout or would that be overtraining?

    Great tips and awesome videos

  4. Hey lee…….
    Saw your videos and they are great
    I m 100 kg right now , so can i do these 3 workouts…….
    For how many time should I continue with these workout with constantly increasing weight
    Plz reply asap…….
    Thank you

  5. I have a question im a skinny dude I kinda build muscle but I play soccer almost everyday, what foods should I eat to build a lot of muscle and gain weight?

  6. jab koi khud k liye gym main bodybuilding ka video banata h tab koi aur bada bodybuilder nahi dikhta h air nahi uska bodybuilding ka koi video banta dikhata h q?

  7. hey Lee m following your 3day split routine. Monday chest Tuesday off Wednesday back Thursday off Friday legs.. so m working out 3 day per week. M I doing right?

  8. how do you fix your form with the leg press? People kept telling me that leg presses are a surefire way to blow out your knees, but in my earlier years I didn't really listen. Now when I do leg presses, my knees buckle shortly after when I try to walk to my next exercises, so clearly i'm doing something wrong. Any advice?

  9. Lee, I've been watching your video's for a few years and I enjoy them. We agree on most issues. Recently a video was suggested to my on YouTube from the channel Athlean-x. His approach is very different (read shitty) in my opinion and I would like to hear how you feel on the subject of alot of well known and proven exercises being advised against by him. One in particular is the leg extention, I feel that it has benefit and if done right can be done safely without injury or negative effect in the long term, however I am hesitant to proclaim him wrong based on only my experience and knowledge. Would you agree with the advice offered that it should be replaced with lunges? Your reply and opinion would be appreciated.

  10. The truth is…you just don't need all that equipment nor all those exercises. All you need is 5 exercises. It's all very simple. It just amazes me how everyone wants it to be so blasted complex. It's because everyone wants to make $$$ off this sport. And you don't need big barbells either. But I really don't care anymore. It's the kind of BS  that runs the world. I gained my knowledge thru experience. Sorry all you beginners have to rely on BS to get started. It took me 10 yrs to figure out it was all BS and I started to experiment on my own. The smart ones learn. Well good luck.

  11. I literally do all these workouts lol. Only thing I ask is what you could substitute weighted lunges with? Got a bad Bunyon on my right big toe so it makes not possible to do them without surgery. I've been using the stair master just wish there was something a little more intense

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