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  1. She was in Josh's video couple weeks ago. When she bought donuts w/Lexi. At their house. So he's away. It's sad if not showing him & not addressing is all for attention.

  2. I have never washed raw chicken before cooking and when I saw the comments about it I started freaking out! So I googled it- and all the returned results said that washing it is MORE dangerous because it increases the spread of germs!

  3. Those crescent dumbell rows look great! I'll have to try them. Love the little meal prep additions. Hope you're having fun in Phoenix.
    P.S. I love the creative vids as well as yours. XOxox

  4. Good grief guys obviously if something did happen. With josh and she hasn't made an announcement then she clearly doesn't want to bring that on her channel or is not ready to talk about it yet. It's private yes she featured him on her channel but it's not like he was a crazy huge part of it so if she wants to keep it private just let it be.

  5. What I love most about what you've accomplished with your physique compared to so many other bikini athletes (who also look great) is that you still have such a feminine shape. Many athletes tend to get boxy in the core. What would you attribute that to?

  6. I'm starting to think we're never going to find out why Josh just disappeared. ????I know Heidi doesn't have to share her personal life, but Josh was such a big part of her vlogs. So for him to just to be gone with no explanation is really sad.

  7. Thank you so much for saying fruit is good for you. I'm shocked by how many "diet experts" are out there advising people to cut fruit from their diet if they want to lose weight.

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