Fitness Workout for Men

Core Workout for Men for Strong Ripped Abs

Hey men, do this core workout for strong, ripped abs! Strength Coach Brian Klepacki is ripped and shows you exactly how he trains his core in this awesome workout that also hammers the arms, chest, back and shoulders.

Here’s the Workout:

AMRAP – 5 Minutes
-Push-Up Oblique Tuck – 10 reps
-Russian Twists – 20 reps
-Cross Body Mt Climbers – 30 reps
Back/Strength Circuit
-Push-Up to Renegade Rows – 10 reps
-Bent Knee/Hip Pull-Up – 5-10 reps
-T-Spine Twist – 10 reps per side
Arms & Core – 30s ON / 15s OFF
-Hi/Lo Plank
-Buzzsaw Plank
-Windshield Wipers
-Starfish Hold

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  1. Do you have suggestions how to reduce weight. I'm a two time cancer survivor that had gained a lot of weight. I have cut most sugar,breads, and process food. I want to drop at least 60 lbs. I do have issues with knee, back and shoulder. I'm in my late 40's.
    thanks in advance

  2. This is more of an endurance workout then an intense ab isolated workout….
    I'll pass….Looks like typical crossfit type junk….Fine for conditioning but WON'T build any muscle or strength….

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