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So, CoronaVirus(COVID2019) has took the world by storm.Thousands and thousands have died due to this virus and it has become an epidemic disease.People have started to avoid crowded areas in an attempt to avoid getting infected.

Gyms have been closed and there is a great requirement of a proper structural HOME WORKOUT PLAN in such conditions.In this video i have demonstrated that how without any gym and any equipment you can train each and every muscle in your body.So,watch the video till the last and find yourself the perfect quarantine home workout plan in this outbreak.



1.Warm-up : 0:40 -1:25
2.Biceps workout : 1:26 -3:11
3.Triceps workout : 3:12- 4:23
4.Chest workout : 4:24 -5:41
5.Shoulder workout : 5:42 -6:38
6.Back workout : 6:39 -7:47
7.Leg workout : 7:48 -9:42
8.Abs workout : 9:43 -11:38

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Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!
Thank you for watching!

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  1. Stay safe! Stay healthy! And let the gainz begin๐Ÿ’ช. Hey guys this video is quite long as I have detailed about each and every muscle in your body which you normally train at the gym so be patient and watch till the last where I have also provided behind the scenes clips๐Ÿ˜. Keep supporting and share the loveโค

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