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Day- 1 Chest /Back/ Cardio Workout || SHREDDED NEXT LEVEL by Guru Mann ||

Gulshan Kumar Presents SHREDDED NEXT LEVEL 8 weeks advance fat shredded program design and created by GURU MANN.




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  1. Sir ….M a big fan of u ..Have a question ….My dad Age(47) has an increased level of uric acid ….Can he use whey protein/isolate as Post workout drink ???? .. Plz rply sir ..

  2. I want to increase my biceps muscle how can I do I am doing gym last 3to 4 month but there is no change in my muscle suggest me how I gain my muscle size quickly GURU MAAN BHIYA

  3. आपका जिम एक्सप्लेनेशन एकदम राइट है और आप के बताए गए सभी यह स्टेप्स बहुत अच्छे हैं। मुझे बहुत पसंद आया थैंक यू वेरी मच

  4. sir I have 1 question suppose my whole process of build and lean the muscles has been completed than I wish I want to be a wrestler for that I have to eat big right than I have to set new goal for calories intake and supplemet intake please sir clear my doubt I have facing big problem in ths and I want to say that all indian trainer r bullshit they only say u just take ths by th u can grow muscle etc etc but the way u teach the people s damn awesome and u teach the people step by step thats the mst impt thing and if a people has a doubt by seeing ths videos of u all doubt get clear I wish one day u and me bithe do the gyming togther as a frnd

  5. sir,i recently came across products ( l arginine,ginkgo biloba,ginseng which increases blood flow in our body.i am highly skeptical about it.i need to know whether it really has benefits for our memory (especially ginseng). it also says it increases blood flow to male gentiles. please kindly clarify my doubt. Also is there any side effects? thank you :)

  6. hey
    i am a working guy
    having a long shift
    so no time for gym.
    any homely workout methods?????
    i just need an athletic body on which clothes suits a bit more????????????????
    plz advise me…

  7. I m a beginner guess what I tried to do all these sets I couldn't do it that's really hard work ???? 20 min running that way too much on speed 9to 10 and fast for me I m over weight I can run speed 6 for only 5 minute that's it I tried many times I think I got some kinda of problem and I couldn't get up next morning after all these exercises I stayed in bed for week

  8. Should we do cardio like running after weight training OR before? Some experts suggest to do cardio before weight training.

    I am an overweight (my body weight is about 17 kg more than my ideal weight), have recently started going to gym. I would like to know, what is the ideal ratio of exercise routine I need to follow between weight training and cardio. I normally get too tired very quickly after brisk walking or jogging and dont feel like continuing exercising for long. Compared to that, I enjoy doing weight training. Can I lose weight simply by continuing my weight training with little or no cardio exercises like running?

    Please suggest.

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