Fitness Workout for Women

Day SIXTEEN – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge

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ALL Levels | ALL standing, NO cardio | DUMBBELLS | BURN 100 – 125 calories | INCLUDES warm up + cool down

It’s DAY SIXTEEN of the Weight Loss for Women over 50 series of workouts – your FREE 31 day exercise program, designed especially to help women in perimenopause, menopause and beyond to lose weight.

It’s a STRENGTH TRAINING kind of day, Killer Bs, and that means we’re getting a great (moderate, of course) full body burn with dumbbells.

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Strength work with weights is fantastic for:
💪 Bone health
💪 Body shaping
💪 Overall strength
💪 Balance practice, and
💪 Brain-body connection

During our workout, we’re chatting about how to moderate your effort even while we’re doing INTENSE exercises.

Because in spite of being slow moving, and using short intervals, and picking up moderate weights, this workout can feel pretty intense! I’m so proud of you for making it work for YOU.

The interval timer is set for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Complete each exercise for four work intervals in a row before moving on to the next.


Alternating Press Ups
Split Squats
Knee to Elbows
Bent Over Row and Triceps Kickback
Curtsy Curls
Welcome to My Homes
Sumo Squats

Side Kick Press Ups



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❤ Pahla B – your BEST fitness friend! ❤

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  1. I'm really enjoying the 31 day weight loss challenge workouts. I like that they're not too long and so far they're different enough that it doesn't seem like you're doing the same thing all the time. One thing I'd like to mention, I'm in Iowa and at first the workouts were showing up between 5-5:30 AM and now it's not showing up until 6ish….Wondering if it could show up earlier like before. If not, no biggie….I also enjoy seeing Agatha in the background!

  2. Hi Pahla, I am so glad that a fitness friend told me about your Channel and this particular 31 day challenge. I have been fitness training for several years with more of a leaning towards resistance type of training. I wanted to start the first month of the year with something like this which is a kind of break from my norm but with that said it is just what my body is loving right now. I am loving the moderate intensity of all of the workouts you have shared so far. I am a fan!

  3. I’ve never stuck to any program this long. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning to do the next one. I loved the overhead press up with side kick. What a great move! I felt it everywhere but it didn’t hurt.

  4. You crack me up too! I dropped 10 pounds from this workout too! 😂😂😂🤣 and guess what? This was my favorite so far. The time went so fast. I really liked this one a lot. And I LOVED the finisher. Usually I just curse it. See you tomorrow. For my next favorite one.

  5. Hey, Pahla! I am LOVING these workouts and just finished Day 11. Yay! I asked this question on Day 1 but I'll ask it here too. What are the intervals of your weights? I don't see the link in your fabulous e-book (really so helpful!) and I don't see the same colors when I look on Amazon. I want to get away from using 1 lb. cans. LOL

  6. Luv ya girl always look forward to your workouts! Do you think you could do a series on TONING? I find that after 50 my arms and inner thighs belly are not as toned as I’d like would love if you could do a series on tightening those areas ! Ty

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