Fitness Workout for Women

Easy Beginners Workout for Women – At Home Full Body 20 Minute Floor Exercises

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Easy Beginners Workout for Women – At Home Full Body 20 Minute Floor Exercises

Join Traci Arlene for this easy beginner’s workout for women. This is a series of floor exercises to help scalping your legs and stomach area.

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  1. Is it really sad that I had difficulties with this workout even though it's "easy"? 🙁 I want to try to lose weight again and every time I start with the workouts I get so demotivated.

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  3. I cannot believe i held that cobra pose for as long as i did im a skinny girl but i dont really work out much i love this video i feel like i have just a little bit more stamina

  4. i look at the comments to see some feedback from the workout and all i see is guys hitting on the girl instead of focusing on what the video is really about… wow… so annoying

  5. I'm someone who has never worked out other than the required run to catch transit to and from work. I've only recently been trying to become fit and do something good for my body. However, almost all the "beginner" workouts I've come across aren't really designed for someone who truly doesn't know how to workout. They throw around phrases and names like I'm already suppose to know the information then go so fast I can't begin to keep up.

    This was so different it was awesome! It was light it didn't weigh me down with jargon and what was used was explained. I truly believed this was designed with a beginner in mind. Thank you so much! Great vid!

  6. What are some good exercises to do while pregnant? I just want to stay healthy since my family tends to get diabetes or high blood pressure during their pregnancies, even the ones who eat all organic sugar/fat/caffeine free foods

  7. You know what you are doing and have lots of fine information. It makes you sound uncertain of yourself when you end each sentence with a question mark. You will sound more confident without that little affectation.

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