Fitness Workout for Women

Easy Beginners Workout For Women

Want to stay fit without being forced to join a gym or not sure how any of that equipment will help you out? Here are some exercises a beginner can follow with the use of basic household items!

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Welcome back to the Ultimate Home Workout Series!
No gym? No equipment? No problem!
Get ready for some really easy workouts because all we going to need are a few BOOKS! So go a grab a few and learn how to keep fit and work that body out.

Jenifer Karai

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  1. Hey I'm lean and thin but I like what I am and I look good. But my body is not toned and I don't want to loose weight. so can u suggest some exercise which will help me to tone my body and not loose weight?

  2. admin. i have small blue marks on my legs. thats why i feel embracement while wearing shorts and Capri. will u pls suggest me some trick to light that

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