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Essential Chest & Shoulder Workout | Erin Stern’s Elite Body 4-Week Fitness Plan

Whether you’re a lady or gentleman, chest and shoulder training is a vital aspect of building an elite body. Earn your symmetry, balance, and shape.
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An elite physique isn’t complete without a great chest and strong shoulders. You can’t press very well without powerful pectorals, and you’ll look flat from the front and side if you neglect your chest training. This workout will help you build strength, size, symmetry, and great shape across your upper body.

Although this is technically your second shoulder workout of the week, don’t let it deter you from working hard. Training frequency is one of the biggest tools we have for developing a muscle group. In fact, Erin has tremendous shoulders precisely because she trains them frequently.

This is the last resistance workout that you’ll be doing this week, so hit it hard and perform each set and rep with excellence!

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  1. I been watching this video a lot, but I do have a question because today I did try some of these workouts, on the flat bench flies w dumbbells, I noticed Erin's elbows don't go past 90° – other work out videos I seen – the men dip the elbows lower. So which is the correct way to do it- the way she is or dip the elbows a bit further down? Please advise. I have this workout next week so I want to make sure I do it correctly.

  2. Everything should be hit at least 3 times a week, if you are a natural lifter and want to maximize gains. Traps and calves should be trained 4 or 5 times because growth in those areas is lower for most naturals.

  3. Awful combinations. Too much pressing movements which means too much front delt work and on 99.9% of the people the front delts are already overdeveloped.

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