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Everything Is Growing – Meal Prep, Cooking & Full Body Workout! | THE NUCLEI OVERLOAD EXPERIMENT #2

Guys I feel absolutely amazing. Every single workout is FUN and INTENSE. I seriously haven’t enjoyed training this much in yeras and it’s not like the program is “out of this world” either. It’s just the style of it. Same exercises, same effort being given, but only having to hit 1 – 2 exercises per bodypart is just a breathe of fresh air.

My calories have already jumped from 2,500 to about 3,200 and my weight went from 183 – 188lbs as of this morning. Granted I weighted in before my morning poop, but whatever haha.


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  1. Hey Scott! I have been trying to find the video you (or videos) you posted a while back that provided some much needed feedback on online trainers and the programs they'd created. You had some great "do's and don'ts" on what their programs consisted of which was alot of fluff, if I remember correctly. I think some portion of it was on female moves ie glutes…. and you covered some more useful moves. I can't find it(or them) for the life of me. I am a trainer that's training trainers and really want to share that with them. I hope you know what video im talking about. Thanks a ton. 💪💪

  2. I'm a believer as a natural you HAVE to train as much as your recovery can handle. For me personally I can do full body 3x per week doing heavy squats, bench, ohp and a bunch of accessories on each day. I've seen more muscle growth if anything, not "diminishing returns" like studies claim after 20 sets a week per body part

  3. Hey guys. Atm I only have time to go to the gym 3 times a week (Friday Saturday and Sunday). Would a routine such as doing Back, chest and shoulders on Friday and Sunday work leaving arms and legs for saturday?? My main focus is on growing my chest and back. Thanks

  4. Looking big man, keep it up. I’ve played some modern warfare with you and if you ever happen to find yourself in Missouri, I’d love to lift some baaaaabells with you. Seriously though, I really enjoy your channel and have learned a lot from your videos over the years.

  5. Scott youve been doing alot of different workout videos lately, do you have an organized training split or go to the gym to do what you feel like doing? Thx

  6. I like it you put the weights back I went to the gym this morning and there’s someone in the middle with a load of plates around where he was training!!! I just put them all away I can’t stand training in a messy gym!!! Great workout Scott!!!!☝️

  7. It’s interesting watching people that don’t do full body workouts give them a try. Scott is no different. He attacks it like a bro split. I was glad to hear him say at the end it may just be because he is excited to be trying something new. You get a ton of volume per week training everything every workout so you need to scale it back. Either less Reps and somewhat heavy weight or more reps and lighter weights. I pretty much only do full body because it works the best for me and keeps me motivated. I enjoy seeing this workout and hope you keep at it for a while longer. The adage that full body is only for beginners is something I roll my eyes at. Not hearing that here. Thank you.

  8. I do agree that Ricky video content is really good. I haven't said much but I do appreciate it. Question Scott: Is it okay to do nuclei training with legs to see growth with quads and hamstrings? Wont it harm with injury or recovery?

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