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Express 5 Minute Abs Workout Nonstop Abs & Obliques Workout Routine

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  1. this will definitely give me the summer body I want.Already starting to simmer down on all the food I crave and losing weight too.This works so well.Do you guys have a meal schedule or any dieting food suggestions?

  2. i LOVE Fitness Blender's five minute butt and thigh work out! These short, intense videos seem to be what works for me when it comes to committing to exercise. Going to try this one after work tonight!

  3. just finished the 37 min kickbox video! tought i would do this one as an extra ab workout for today! Ive tried so many expensive workout programs but nothing beats fitnessblender!

  4. Hi everyone, I see a lot of comments making the suggestion of switching up videos because your body will get use to the exercise. What do you guys suggest timing wise? Say I'm doing an ab video every day and I have 5 saved, should I be switching to a different one every week?

  5. Just tried the warm up and this for the first time today.  WOW!  I can really feel this in my abs.  I will switch this routine with the butt lifting workout every day!  Love this already!

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