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Extreme Results Workout Plan with Scott Herman: Week 1- BeFiT Bootcamp

Extreme Results Workout Plan with Scott Herman: Week 1 from BeFiT Bootcamp is the first week of an intense new fitness series that features weekly training guides that take you through a day by day workout plan using the result-driven, strength-building workouts from Pro Trainer, Model & Expert Fitness Content Creator, Scott Herman, as well as healthy nutritional recipes from Erica Stibich that are designed to shred fat, build muscle & endurance, strengthen the core and sculpt lean & defined abs all from the comfort of your own home. Each advanced total body routine will take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete and will strengthen the entire body through a mix of high-intensity circuit training, plyometrics, cardio conditioning and strength exercises to kick start the metabolism and maximize results. Tune in every Monday to follow your Expert Fitness Coach, Scott Herman through your 7 day weekly workout plan that is custom made to ignite weight loss potential and help you grow stronger. Consider creating a playlist each week to include the featured workouts. Joining you on your Bootcamp mission is YouTube Star, Joey Gatto, who will be uploading fun and inspirational workout Vlogs every Friday that will detail his experience as he goes through each workout program. Be sure to work out at your own intensity, but don’t be afraid to push yourself to new limits as you go into your first week. This week, focus on tracking your reps and writing down your progress so you can strive to be your best. As you grow stronger, consider challenging yourself by minimizing rest periods, adding additional pre-workout cardio exercise and adjusting weight amounts. Week 1 will activate the abs, challenge the core, and strengthen the muscles of the arms, abs, shoulders, chest, legs, glutes, and back through 6 workouts and 1 rest day. Boost your results by trying Scott and Erica’s delicious recipe a healthy cake-flavored protein shake on your day off. You will need a set of light dumbbells, a Yoga mat, a towel and bottle of water to complete this series. Modify to adjust difficulty level by adding or removing weight and adjusting rest periods. Look and feel your best as you train with one of the best in the business on your own time, right from your living room. See below for links to this week’s featured workouts as well as your daily plan breakdown. Click here for more BeFiT Bootcamp Extreme Results Workouts:

Week 1 Workout Plan:
Day 1- Ab Strength Workout 1: Shred | 30 DAY 6 PACK ABS

Day 2- Ab Cardio Workout 1: Amrap | 30 DAY 6 PACK ABS

Day 3- Rest Day: Take a run and try this delicious protein shake recipe!

Day 4- Ab Power Workout 1: Ripped | 30 DAY 6 PACK ABS

Day 5- Total Body INFERNO! Tabata Style!

Day 6- Ab Power Workout 2: Hard Core Training | 30 DAY 6 PACK ABS

Day 7- Fatigue & Hold Challenge | 30 Day 6 Pack Abs

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