Quick Fitness Workout

Fast & Effective Bodyweight Upper Body Workout – Tone Upper Body at Home with Fitness Blender

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  1. do you think you might be able to add a arm workout using body weight targeting the back of the arms?
    What my kids call the "jiggles" lol Love this work out none the less
    Thank you!

  2. Hello everyone. Superb clip clip.

    My pal was formerly a fat. He went from 279 lbs of pure fat to 210 lbs of complete muscle mass. We think it is incredible! I just signed up personally because I have to expand my body shape. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  3. thanx for sharing video and yes it is really very effcective ……………… and can u plz suggest me how i can lose belly fat in 7 days it ll b a great help for me .Love u

  4. I love this videos because they work for what they are made for, they are not like other fitness work out videos where there is "fake motivation and music and stuff you don't need", I like the fact that the guy explains why you should tide your muscles and don't give up instead of saying "come on this is fun, smile! you are beautiful". This is great, the best exercise videos I've seen.

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