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FAST FAT LOSS Workout at HOME for Men & Women | BeerBiceps

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Weight Loss Science :

Workout Plan :

– You can do this workout everyday. If you feel like your body needs rest (if you’re too sore, take a break)
– Take 30 secs – 1:30 mins between sets.
– Combine this workout regime with a bit of daily cardio for rapid fat loss
– All sets should only go up to 80% of failure (till you feel a burn but NOT a burnout.)

1) Legs
Squat :
2 Sets Free Body, 2 Sets weighted with light weights


2 Sets Light Weight, 2 Sets Medium Weight


2 Sets Light, 2 Sets Medium, 2 sets heavy

2)Back :

4 sets Pull ups


ONE ARM ROW : 2 sets light, 2 sets heavy


4 sets Push ups (If possible, do it with a bag)


Dumbbell Press
2 sets light, 2 sets heavy

4 sets overhead press


Lateral raise : 2 sets light, 2 sets heavy

5)Biceps :
4 sets bicep curls

4 sets Tricep dips
French Press (2 sets light, 2 sets heavy)

3 sets crunches, 3 sets leg raises

Its. Finally. Here.
The BeerBiceps free of cost training plan for fat loss, through a HOME WORKOUT. This home workout plan is for both men & women who don’t have enough time for the gym and want to execute their fat loss journey in their house. This workout does involve the use of dumbbells but if you dont have dumbbells available at home, you can choose to do a free body + bag workout. Watch the video to find out more. The ultimate detailed exercise plan to lose weight. If weight loss is your goal, you NEED to take up resistance training to hasten your journey. Even if you’re a beginner, I’ve gone over the detailed form of all the exercises involved. So hit play and if it helped you, make sure you give it a thumbs up!


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