Fitness Workout for Men

Fast Upper Body Gym Workout For Men (Chest, Back, Arms and Shoulders)

Bam 🙂 Time for another workout vid, in this one I’m covering a fast upper body gym workout for chest, back, arms and shoulders.

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Fast Upper Body Gym Workout For Men:
Incline Bench Press 2 x 2-4 reps + 1 x 8 – 10 reps
Machine Row 3 x 6 – 8
Weighted Chest Dips 2 x 8 – 12
Lat Pull-down 2 x 8 – 12
Mid Cable Cross-over 2 x 12 – 15
Cable One Arm Lateral Raise 2 x 12 – 15
Cable One Arm Curl 1 x 12 – 15
Cable Rope Overhead Triceps Extension 1 x 12 – 15

Rest period between sets: 1 – 3 minutes as needed.

This is a low volume quick workout routine for those days when you need to get some heavy work and get out of the gym as soon as possible.

The whole duration of the workout is about 45 minutes, as soon as you go through the compound lifts you can keep the rest very low (1 minute) and you’ll finish the workout very fast.

Despite being a quick workout it’s still a decent amount of volume for growth and you’re definitely not neglecting any muscle groups. Chest, back, arms and shoulders are getting worked pretty well.

In the voiceover, I decided to answer the question “What go me into fitness?” as that’s something I get asked a lot.

So if you’re interested definitely watch the video, there’s a lot of epiphanies I had along the way that might be relevant to your journey.

Aside from that, as usual post your questions in the comments section below.

And I’ll see you in the next video!

Talk soon, Mario

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  1. Great concept with the voice-over Mario..I've got a near identical story!

    At 5"8 weighed 92 Kg @ >25% BF during my Master's in Com. Sci..entitled mentality, didn't take charge of my life

    Complete mindset shift over the last 2 down to 66Kg @ 14-15% BF, massive improvements in all areas of my life..still a long way to go, it's a constant journey as you always remind us :)

  2. NO WAY , that wow comparison to grinding your own body , I TOTALLY THOUGHT IT TOO DURING MY WEIGHT LOSS! hahah i can't believe you just quoted exactly my thoughts! amazing vid by the way

  3. Hi, Mario! Thanks for video!
    I've got a question. When you do exercises like lat pulldown or squat or deadlift, do you feel sometimes lower back pain ?
    I'm experiencing this kind of pain when I do these exercises from time to time. Maybe you can make a video about this in future.

  4. Wow, you gave me the best motivation and similar things happen to me. I will run to workout today after having a long break… I can't thank you enough for motivation!!!

  5. dude, are you, me?! I am 'technically' a computer science engineer(just need to finish and submit my thesis), play a bunch of online games(mostly counter strike nowadays) and I'm a HUGE DBZ fan(watched the whole series probably 4 or 5 times!

  6. Mario, i have question. I heard in the video you said you were evolving by progressing on the reps/weights but, i would like to hear your purpose on your sets and reps. Are you doing some exercises for strength, others for hypertrophy and others for tonification?

  7. Hey Mario, sounds very similar to my journey. I spent all my free time playing WoW, eating bad and putting on weight. I quit WoW a couple of years ago and took up body building and have never looked back.

  8. I'm a photographer in miami… I'm also addicted to improve myself everyday! Mario! You give me a lot of motivation! Thank you so much… good video… you should do more of these. What an amazing story bro! I'm happy for you! God bless you!

  9. Mario, good morning/good evening! Lol Another thing that I resonate with. Spending time (lots of It) in university only to come out with no jobs on the horizon. So you have to do something else. The importance of progression and a life time being focused on that alone is very self rewarding, because it is tangible. You can see and feel it happening so it is also self-motivating. You taught me that, so obviously there is no turning back as that would be insanity. My definition of a good friend, is one that has your back and inspires you to move forward. So thank you friend. Have an amazing day 🙂 Helen

  10. Man! What a amazing story! Thank you for share it! I'm a big fan of you! You're one of my source of motivation to keep going thank you Mario. I still remember when start following you in YouTube in that time you only had 5000 suscribes and look at you now! Persistency is KING as you say

  11. Interesting to hear your story, bro! I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis in computer science. Will probably go into Computational Intelligence for my master.

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