Fitness Workout for Women

Fat Burning Low Impact Cardio Workout at Home – Easy on the Joints Quiet Cardio Training

Recovery Cardio, Quiet Cardio, Low Impact Cardio Workout – Use it however you need it, just use it! Calorie burn info & printable routine @
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  1. after a 12 hour shift standing up all day it was nice to find a workout I could at home with low impact without having to feel scared of collapsing in a heap. thank you for the invigorating workout

  2. So the reason I switched to low impact is because whenever I do too much cardio that heavily relies on using your legs (Like jumping jacks) the actual bone in my legs hurt, not the muscle, the bone. Does anybody have any idea why that's happening, and if so any ideas on how I can ease this pain? I thought it could possibly be my weight, but then I remembered even when I was thin this would happen.

  3. well this was a lot harder then i thought it would be. I'm hoping to get where I can to this twice a day without heavy breathing and then move on to longer video's.
    Thank you for having a fast effective workout for someone like myself who just doesn't have the stamina to do longer work out when just starting out.

  4. just finished my workout it was worth every min i feel the burn and i sweating. i will stick to these because some workout doesn't make me feel the burn like this one and this is low inpact i can imagine the high ones.

  5. I'm starting this tomorrow morning, after doing my morning jog (half an hour) and vibro session (ten minutes). Have cleared space in the dining room especially. I am not flexible or particularly fit so this is a good start.

  6. This is a gr8 work out. I agree with everyone else that said this is a great starter workout to be able to move on to HIIT workouts! Even after about 20 minutes I still feel like my abs are contracted!

  7. I did a bad joints … that's a really valuable to the movement.

    While exercise is best questions … I would like to know how many calories are consumed.

    Always … Have a good day.

  8. I did this exercise after the warm up video as an attempt at having a quick morning routine before getting the kids ready for school. OMG, I couldn't finish this. I did the first 6 minutes and that was it. during the twists I heard bones cracking like crazy! lol!

  9. Did this work out for the first time earlier this past week I couldn't walk correctly for 4 days! As a result I slipped coming down the stairs (I'm fine though! Minor bruises) but I kind of enjoyed the burn I felt after this workout it was satisfying! So I'm back ha cx

  10. ladies…you are not gonna see any fat loss just doing this type of cardio. If you want to lose weight do 15 mins of hiit and after those add this type of cardio for 15 to 20 mins. Hard but not impossible. youll love the results!

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