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Favorite Fitness Apps | My Free 30 Day Workout Plan!

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Disclaimer: I’m not an expert or professional trainer. I recommend you speak to your physician before trying or adding anything mentioned in this video! I am only sharing my personal experience and preference.

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  1. i love strava….i dont use it as much anymore but yea….i love that it tracks the courses you are running 🙂 fitter looks kinda cool. i would like to kinda know what my body fat is lol

  2. I'm a new subbie and I just have to say you are super gorgeous! I enjoyed this video, definitely helped me to find better apps lol lol. If you ever get time, check out my channel. I'm new to the YouTube world lol and I'd love it if you could subscribe, no pressure : )

  3. Thanks for the apps! I'm still looking for more workout apps rather than FitnessPal, MapMyRun, and stuff and this is quite new!
    Can I suggest… A video on what you have on your music playlist while working out? Or recipes that you'd recommend (if you're doing like healthy recipes or on diet or something??)? Or a video on your typical day of food, like what you normally eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc…….. Xx

  4. I have the NTC app, Pump up & the 7 minute app (which I love to use as a warmup). Tbh I haven't been using them that much as of late which sucks, I've been slacking a bit when it comes to working out 

  5. Definitely going to give some of those apps a try! I love apps like that because it motivates me more to get off my lazy butt haha! Thank you for the info lovely

  6. Can't wait for the work out videos… I'm not the kind of going to the gym girl type, so I work out at home, but haven't done it in so long, I need some motivation. And here you go with your videos, I don't want to miss it… thanks!! 

  7. A Requested video from Instagram! I am no expert, but these are the things that I have been using/doing to get fit! Thank you for watching and for your support! Have a great weekend!

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