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Feeling Happy – Top 12 Best Way Rewards Of Exercises For Men and Women Workout To Improve Mood!

Exercise is one of the best ways to improve one’s Best Rewards Of Exercises For Men and Women. Exercising regularly can help alleviate depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Exercise also helps with ADHD and can even improve our brain function. Other benefits of exercise include improved sleep and stress relief.

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Exercise- OK, I’ll admit. Maybe I should not have chosen exercise as my number one thing to get you in a better mood. And honestly I can’t explain why or how the act of just exercising can have such a positive effect on your attitude. I normally work out the first thing in the morning and again just before bed. It doesn’t matter what surprises life has dealt to me, exercise immediately changes my physical and emotional state.

Affirmation- I love affirmations (I call them declarations). Affirmations, just in case you have never heard of them are powerful statements that you affirm concerning your present or future situations. Lets say you’re dealing with a job loss. You can affirm: I am happily doing the work that I most enjoy. If your partner just left you, you can affirm: I am happily sharing my life with someone who loves, honors and respects me.

Visualization- What does your perfect future look like? Personally, when things are not moving quickly enough for me, I start to picture myself on stage with thousands in attendance. I picture travelling from city to city on my nationwide book signing tour. I picture myself being interviewed on Oprah and so on. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take me long to refocus and get into a crazy excited mood. You have to focus on the life you want when the life you have isn’t it.

Learn Something New- Learning a new skill or hobby is a way to forget about whatever it is troubling you. Is there anything you would like to learn? When times are tough, we need to distract our minds from the pain.

Teach Others What You Know- Sharing our knowledge and experience with others is a great way to change your state. A couple of weeks ago I was on the phone with a friend, Lionel, teaching him a simple money making strategy I have mastered online. I can’t say I was in a bad mood when we began. But by the end of the call, I felt great because I was able to share what I know with someone and Lionel now thinks I’m some kind of expert. Win-win for everyone.

Remember Past Successes- In all of our lives, there are many things that we have done successfully. When hard times or bad news comes, we must remind ourselves of the challenges we have already overcome. We must keep ourselves focused on what’s positive so that our positive experiences can overpower all the negative that has come up against us.

Watch/ Read/ Listen to Something Funny- Personally, when I start to feel bad or beat myself up, I will visit YouTube and watch Richard Pryors ‘Mafia’ skit. I absolutely cannot help but to experience a change of mind. I also like cartoons: Buggs Bunny, Daffy, The Flintstones. There are no right and wrongs. Whatever you can watch, read or listen to that will help, do it.

Listen to great music- As I write this I am listening to Purple Rain by Prince. Every time I hear this song it soothes me. It gets me to take a positive outlook on everything going on in my life. What songs have that effect on you? Another thing I do is have my favorite inspirational songs on my mp3 player. I find that if I listen to then throughout the day, I seem to stay in a good mood. It works for me. Maybe it will work for you.

In this article, I wanted to offer simple yet practical ways to quickly get you in a better mood. I shared with you many of the things I personally do to quickly change my state. I hope the things I shared with you were helpful to you.

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