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Fit in 3 Days a Week: My Personal Workout Plan! DAY 3

Use the information in this video at your own risk. I am not responsible for any kind of injury that might occur during your workouts!

You do not have to pump the iron 7 days a week for 2-3 hours a day. In fact a lot of you will benefit from doing much less. Since I have reduced the amount and duration of my workouts I noticed great results! This is my Saturday workout.

Workout Day 1:

Workout Day 2:




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  1. Nice vid.
    Quick amendment, your hands are in the wrong place in the back squat. Your thumbs should go over the top of the bar and your hands should just be there to hold it in place on your back. None of the weight of the bar should fall into your hand. In putting your thumbs over the bar, you're able to keep your wrists straight. Keeping your wrists straight means you can pull your elbows down more and your traps and posterior deltoids will engage more, holding the bar in the proper place (between your trap and posterior delt) and putting the weight over your centre.
    Also, you're tilting your head back slightly. When you do this, your spine will create a counter tilt and you'll get a slight anterior tilt in your lower spine. Fine for a while but it can lead to back pain and muscle imbalances. Try to maintain a neutral spine throughout the whole exercise. Keeping the elbows down and having a full breath of air as you squat will stabilize your upper body and help stop your spine curving.
    But other than these two very minor and picky tweaks, your squat is bang on! 

  2. so i do it like this:
    monday-back+ triceps
    wednesday-chest+ biceps
    friday-shoulders and a bit a chest and back(friday is more like a full body workout abs and everything with the main focus on shoulders)
    saturday- sprints
    what do you people think about this routine?
    in the evening i do 10-15 min of stretching
    i just started this for about 2 weeks and i want to know i i'm on  the right track for gaining some muscles and burning some fat.

  3. You could start with the shoulder press every now and then. I usually target my weakest spots first. That's why I usually start with bench pressing. I could also start with the shoulder press and my shoulders aren't very big either.

  4. Thanks. Right now however my major concern is plateauing due to doing the same thing. I can't increase the weight on my Shoulder Press either since my Triceps are so worn from Bench Pressing. Maybe every few weeks I should revert to the full body routine?

  5. Sounds good man. I like that you changed it yourself to see if it works better for you. Keep doing that and see what works good for you. Good luck and feel free to keep me up to date. I always reply to personal messages like that!

  6. Hey Jerome I just wanna say I've gotten from 150 to about 170 using your Fit in 3 Days Plan. However I recently began consolidating the various workouts, doing Chest/Triceps/Shoulders one day, Legs/Abs another then pretty much Biceps the final.

    So its Bench, Weighted Dips, Push ups, Shoulder Press, Shrugs and Bent Over Rows. Next day Squats, Deadlift, Lunges then about 2-4 Ab workouts. Final day Weighted Pull Ups, Barbell Row, X Hammer Curls, Close-Grip Pulldowns. Wondering what you think. 

  7. No, I actually rarely stretch these days. I'm still flexible because I do some static kicks and stuff like that though. I drop down in a split too every week (at least once).

  8. I wouldn't do it. Rather just learn some skills in a more 'playful' way. I don't mean that in a childish way, but I think you already know what I mean. Don't become too strict at a young age, just learn everything in a fun way and try to suck up as much information as you can now, so you can benefit from it later. When you're 18 years old there is more than enough time to work out and get in great shape. 

  9. Not necessarily, but there might come a time you want to get more serious and invest in a bench. I worked out 1 year without a bench (and a lot of other essential equipment). It's all up to you.

  10. Hey , i just realised that i got the same pull-up bar as you but i got a serious problem installing it :P,either i am too dump or that weird screw thing is fake…I got it on my wall but then the whole pull-up bar just slide out I AM 75kg.WTF.How did u achieve to install that shit( hell its cool though) ,do i buy the regular plastic bolts or should i try finding the same fake bolts-cause the old ones was destroyed?? nice workout tutorial btw

  11. HI Jerome ! I use your stretching techniques and I have some results I'm about 3 inches away from reaching the floor , but I struggle to get full front and side split , should I now force my hips to stretch more ? and one more question should I stretch every day? I use to stretch my legs 2-3 times a week? THANKS 

  12. Squats, deadlifts, leg presses, lunges, push ups, bench presses, pull ups or pull downs, barbell or dumbbell rows, military press, close grip bench press, dips, barbell curls, preacher curls, chin ups etc. Those are the exercises you should at least be familiar with and be able to do after a while.

  13. I need your help i've been working out with bodywheight and some rocks that i used like a Dumbell.and i really had some results but now i bought a membership at gym and i need your help. wich exercises should i put into my working routine or which should i not .i mean i dont wanna get deformed. i know some people say it's your gennes but i think working a specific muscle too much could mess up your body so i really need your help.. i want to get ripped for the summer. any response is appriciated

  14. Because that would mean I need to eat much more and I can barely stuff all the food in my body to maintain weight. That's one of the main issues I have. Another is that I don't want to be too bulked up. My maximum weight goal is around 72-73 kg this next year or two. I just take it easy. Meanwhile I will gradually try to gain strength and get a bit leaner.

  15. Too many repetitions in the final set to build strength or muscle. Rather increase the intensity or add other exercises. Doing sit ups alone is not enough. Also, sit ups are not really good for you as they put stress on the lower back and don't work on the abs properly. Rather do crunches. Also target the other parts of your midsection such as obliques, lower back and transversus muscles. I use different exercises in this video to work out the muscles. 

  16. Cool vid man awesome workouts have any tips for abdominal work? For two months I have bin doing 10 reps of 5 sets with 10sec breathers and last set of 30 reps good start?

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