Fitness Ab Workout – Becoming A Woman's Fantasy Male

To the common folk, an abdominal workout mainly consists of crunches and sit ups. There's no denying that making visits to the gym can get tedious and mind-numbing. I mean, you're there, a sorry excuse of an alpha male, working your butt off to try and achieve that ideal physique and you're surrounded by these overly muscled guys showing off their bulges and veins in front of the mirror everyday. Wouldn't you rather go out for a walk on this lovely sunny day? Or probably stay at home watching those aerobic exercise videos? Regardless, you can still achieve the physique you've longed for and reveal those abs hidden underneath all that flab by using a fitness ab workout that suits you best.

To truly get the best out of your workout session, a bit of endurance must be gained to allow for a healthy dose of stamina, and one can achieve such by undergoing cardio training. Jogging provides you with a chance to build up that endurance, and lose a few pounds you've most probably acquired from junk food and other edibles which aren't normally healthy for you. By jogging, you're not only working on developing your thigh and leg muscles, but your abdominal muscles as well. The upper body balance needed to maintain constant movement and the pull of gravity that further adds weight to each step made gives your abs a certain amount of contraction, thus giving you hope in trying to get those washboard abs.

Swimming is another great way to work on those muscles. It is a high resistance workout that requires all your muscles to work at their peak. Walking on shallow water definitely helps your cause in getting apparent abdominal muscles, as the resistance of the water allows for muscle contraction, unlike when walking on land.

Pilates, kickboxing, and dance workouts like Hip Hop Abs and Tae Bo are also good fitness ab workout alternatives to working on that 6 pack. Not only will you feel reinvigorated, you'll also look physically attractive to the eyes of women, giving you a new outlook about yourself, developing your confidence and trust in who you are.

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