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Fitness Training For Men Over 60 Secret offers at ResultsWithLucy Fitness Training For Men Over 60 As we get older, men lose muscle mass and it’s important to work out with weights in order to limit the amount of muscle that we lose. Resistance training is a good way to not only gain muscle, but to increase strength and feel better about your appearance.

Being older generally means that we need to work out wiser, less frequently, use less weight and limit the number of sets for each exercise. If you’re into “serious” weight lifting and body building, this video is NOT for you. It’s just to motivate “Average” guys like me to get out and lift some weights.

This video was taken at the Hyatt Residence Club on Maui while I was on vacation and feeling guilty about laying out by the pool and sipping a Mai Tai or two or three.

A quick workout like the one in this video should include compound movements while utilizing several muscle groups like biceps, triceps, forearms and shoulders. A pair of 20 pound dumbbells can get some good results with consistency.

When not on vacation, I would like to lift weights 2-3 times per week and typically work Back and Biceps together one then Chest and Triceps together another with 2-3 days rest between those muscle groups. When you’re older, it takes longer to recover. I always start with the large muscle group (back or chest) which also hits the smaller muscle groups (biceps or triceps). After working out the large muscles, THEN complete the workout with exercises for the small muscles, like bicep curls or tricep pushdowns.

Between those workouts, I would focus on the lower body and throw everything at those muscles using more weight (to build a strong foundation). Calves can be worked out a lot more frequently, or not at all, depending on your genetics and the size of your calves. It’s not about the weight you lift, it’s about the way you lift. Good form, solid contractions, focus and rest are more important than the pounds you lift and the number of reps.

Lift smart, live long and grow strong. Best wishes always!

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