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FOOD Bites: Pre & Post Workout Meals w/ Cassey What to eat before and after your workout for energy, weight loss, and building lean muscle mass. Cassey Ho is a Pilates and Group Fitness Instructor and the creator of POP Pilates. She loves food and fitness, so in this video, she will share with you her research on what you should eat pre and post workout to fuel up, get lean, and build muscle.

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Macronutrients: the Importance of Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fat.
Eating to Win.
Figure Competition Diet.
Bikini Diet:
What to eat before and after workouts to lose weight?


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  1. Hi workout I take Greek yogurt homemade I wanted to ask what can we do or use the whey we get from it? Post workout whey protein is very good so please let me know how can we use it

  2. I'm kinda confused… breakfast in this case would be pre workout or post workout? I train in the morning, exactly at 8 am (if this is useful).. please help :(

  3. Cassey, if you don't want to waste the egg yolk you can applied it to your hair when you take a shower and wash it off after a couple of minutes. I've heard it's good for one's hair, really softens it. My aunt used to do that a lot and her hair was so fluffy and shiny!

  4. after i work out i usually burp (I'm sorry lol) so i don't feel like eating in like the first hour. I'm not on a diet or trying to lose weight so is that okay?

  5. i've been doing cassey's workouts for a couple of months and i think my muscles did get bigger without getting skinnier. So really, i just ended up getting bigger. I got really pissed off so I went extreme and i cut down my calorie intake to 800 a day and burning around 500 a day. thats when i truly started seeing a change. I know its really unhealthy but whatever as long as my body looks good idc.

  6. Cassey, I was wondering is it ok to eat dinner after work out? Sometimes I end up working out around 4-5ish and try to eat dinner after that. Is that ok?

  7. I like these days when she's actually eating stuff you can buy in the store! Jk Cassey, I know you still must do sometimes, but looking at your mealplans seems impossible somedays! 

  8. I love sweet potatoes but I never considered boiling a batch on sunday for the entire next week, thanks for the tip. The baby carrots hummus and turkey breast I am going to try implementing this week, I need to eat more protein as I have taken all refined carbs out of my diet, I am fighting cravings for bread and fried carbs. Any tips or hints for a diet supplement for this?

  9. hi cassey …..i am desperate for help….only a month ago i was slim healthy and discipilined…n now ive gained weight and am lethargic…can i get back to my old self?

  10. Crazy clip. Fine video clip. My buddy used to be a fat. He revolutionized himself from 285 lbs of fat into 204 lbs of genuine lean muscle mass. We think it is incredible! I just subscribed personally as I must boost my overall physique. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

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