Quick Fitness Workout

Full Body Workout ♥ Quick Morning Wake Up Call

This 10 min full body workout is one of the best ways to wake up every muscle in your body, especially in the morning. Focusing on your abs, glutes, shoulders, and legs you will feel re-energized, re-balanced and ready to take on the day.


This is a great workout on its own or paired with the videos I have selected and listed below to create an incredible 25 minute morning full body blast.

Start with this as Class #1.
Then take a five minute water break. Then proceed with the following routine:

Class #2:
Badass Beach Bum Workout ♥

Take another water break. Then move onto:

Class #3:
Perfect Upper Body Workout ♥


It’s also a great way to warm up the muscles so they’re prepared for some deep stretching from any of these recommended yoga practices:

Hipster Yoga ♥

Yoga For Leg Flexibility ♥

Yoga For Core and Balance ♥


I hope you guys enjoy it. Hit me up with any questions or comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. !

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