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Hello all, welcome back to my channel!

Today is another sample workout from my upcoming Fitness Challenge. It is a Full Body Workout that can be done at home and is only 20 minutes. Quick and efficient! We will do many body weight exercises but will also incorporate some exercises using one, heavy dumbbell.

This quick home workout is sample from week 3 of the fitness challenge. Please visit my website below to find out when the next challenge begins.

Here is the format for this full body workout at home. We will be performing 4 circuits, 3 moves each, each exercise for 30 seconds. We will do each circuit 2 times through. You will need one heavy dumbbell for this workout. Enjoy 🙂

Circuit 1:
-push up jacks
-plank knee to elbow hold
-suicides and twist jumps

Circuit 2:
-Statue of Liberty
-2 squat jumps and a deep squat
-ab leg crosses with a lower

Circuit 3:
-bidges with toes lifted
-dumbbell taps

Circuit 4:
-Sumo squat and single arm upright row
-dumbbell swings
-crab kicks

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