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Full Body Workout for MEN & WOMEN – #BBSummer Beginners Fat Loss – BeerBiceps Gym

The only Full Body FAT LOSS workout you’ll ever need. Circuit training workouts have never been so much fun!

Written Version :

Beginners workout series :

Finally coming out with my follow up to the #BBSummer weight loss challenge video. Today i’m gonna be talking about the fat loss workout that beginners everywhere can do. In the video i’ve gone over the detailed rep range and set breakdown to make it as simple as possible.
So if you’re looking for a gym workout for men or gym workout for women, this video is for you. Especially beginners. The only gym workout for beginners that is guaranteed to give you great results. Indian men and women everywhere. The only full body gym workout you’ll need! Enjoy.


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  1. Hi sir my name is Garryth Dsouza I'm 25 I hv started gyming from this month But I'm facing 1 issue while weight training time wen ever I start my workout my HEAD starts paining an that pain forces me to stop my rep , can u plzz help me out with my issue as soon as possible…

  2. Hey Ranveer (Did I get the spelling right?).

    Just stumbled across you through a friend who follows you on Instagram. I was wondering if you have a workout plan that uses no equipment and only body weight? I plan to workout, independently, at home without the fancy gym equipment. Sorry if you've already posted that programme, I've just started exploring your channel!

    And cheers, very nice to see an India-specific fitness YouTube channel. Have subscribed to the channel!

  3. I saw your videos today & there is no stop till now .. Am so addicted to it 😉 have joined you in all social media platform to get more of the fitness regime tricks & tips 😉 I'm going to follow this regime & will let you know after a month as I've joined gym 10 days back 😉 thank you so much .. It was a worth watch .. A video will act as my trainer now 😉 please do make more women gym videos ;)

  4. Great work Dude.I have a doubt.Aren't we supposed to do different parts of the body throughout the week instead of full body everyday.Atleast that's what my trainer told!

  5. you really are real help! I'm skinny fat and am really trying to look like a healthy college student. I plan on maybe starting with dumbbells and then start going to the gym for some weight training although I am pretty darn self conscience…

  6. bro is there any series for beginner for muscle gain m confused my heigth is ,5.4 weigth 55 kg body fat is 18 ….little bit of muscle on my belly which plan I hve to join this one which u hve Shown or wat pls guide

  7. nice! i'll probably try this out after my workout focus solely on biceps and chest with the aim to increase strength and build muscles. the full body work definitely help maintain the shape. cheers

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