Fitness Workout for Women

Full Body Workout For Women At Home Without Equipment

FULL BODY WORKOUT For Women At Home Without Equipment.
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What do you mean by a full body workout? Many of us do not pay enough attention to the total body while exercising; instead, the focus remains on problem areas. The right way of exercising is to do a full body workout!

Women have a reason to smile because there are so many exhilarating ways to stay fit and healthy! Hitting the gym is pass and HIIT home exercises fast is catching up with the generation of today. It not only saves your money but also gives you the freedom to exercise whenever you want to.

Women of today are tied down with various activities like work in an office, home, children etc. Going to the gym or attending any yoga session may be difficult for them, therefore we have chalked out an excellent way to stay fit in the comfort or your home with our very own HIIT total body workout for women.

* Full Body Workout At Home:

The best way to exercise is by doing a full body workout. While working out is certainly becoming a trend, it is no longer restricted to the gym. For a full body workout, begin by warming up your body with on-the-spot jogging. Slowly pick up the pace. Follow this with seal jacks, where you throw your arms to your side as your move your legs apart and then together. After doing this for a few minutes, shift to butt kicks. Next, do a static stretch to help you loosen your muscles. Loosen up your shoulders by doing some shoulder rotations and end your warm up with neck rotations before beginning the full body workout.

* Workout Sequence For Full Body For Women:-

# A warm up is a must before any exercise, don’t you agree? This fitness program is simple and can be performed with minimum equipment at home. Sounds exciting!

# Jogging on the squat and the static stretch help you loosen up the leg muscles and get you prepared for a vigorous workout session ahead. Touching your toes, rotating your arms and even neck rotations all of these warm-up exercises are essential for the body.

# The Plank Jacks on a floor is a good way to burn some calories and is useful in strengthening your lower abdominal region. Do not forget to time yourself for each exercise. 60 seconds is good!
The one leg box step is a fun exercise that would make you feel like a child and is a great workout for the front and back of your legs. Strength training is not about speed but is about doing it the right way.

# Squat Jump with forward punches tones your biceps and leg muscles simultaneously with some squat jumps. Enjoy this workout! Inchworm to push up is another exciting exercise that works out the major muscles of your lower body. Remember to give 10 seconds break during each exercise. The mountain climber is yet again another challenging workout for all you women out there who want to get fit. This workout involves moves that imitate a person climbing a mountain. Your leg muscles are tightened and it also improves the flexibility of the body.

# Plank shuffle increases your upper body strength and the Bulgarian Squats are great for your butt. The box jumps is perfect for your calf muscles. Flaunt toned legs with the help of this exercise! The Lateral shuffle kick back targets tiny muscles in the shoulders which we tend to ignore most of the time.

# The 45-degree leg abduction exercise is so easy and works on the muscles of the butt region. After you finish all these invigorating exercises, I’m sure you would feel relaxed. Repeat all of these whole body exercises once again and feel your heart rate go up!

* Right Diet After Your HIIT Full Body Workout:

If you are looking to tone up your body, the best way to do this is by ensuring you follow the right diet and supplementing this with the right exercises. Here is how you can tone your body to get that stunning look. After you are done with your workout, grab a soy protein or whey shakes to get your protein levels up. It has been suggested that taking in 50 g of protein after a workout is ideal so that they work on your muscles and help them heal. Apart from the post-workout shakes, add a protein shake to daily your breakfast too.

So, spread out your exercising mat and start HIIT Full Body Workout in order to keep healthy! Lead a healthy lifestyle and do remove some time out to keep fit.

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