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Full Body Workout Routine + How To Get in Shape FAST! | Fitness Routine 2017

Finally uploaded my workout routine for y’all! This is a collab with my girl, Jeanine Amapola! We’ve had a lot of fun getting in shape for summer 2017 together! Hope you enjoy my Full Body Workout Routine + How To Get in Shape FAST! | Fitness Routine 2017!!! Jeanine’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ATmjaLVEIg&feature=youtu.be
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  1. Just throwing this out there as a Dietetics student. As of last fall it was officially decided/ released that dietary cholesterol does not raise "bad" cholesterol in the body unless you already have an issue with high cholesterol you shouldn't have to worry about it in your diet. Also most people need around 40-60 grams of fat a day and believe it or not a lot of people who eat a healthier diet, especially vegetarians and vegans, actually don't get enough fat. I know that I unintentionally go a little low on the fat, some days I only eat around 14-25 grams and have to go eat some nuts etc. It is important to eat fat because how else would you absorb your fat soluble vitamins? This is why you shouldn't go for fat free salad dressings since most vitamins found in salad are fat soluble. Fat also keeps that skin and hair young and healthy by regulating hormones along with keeping you fuller for longer. Even saturated fat raises "good" cholesterol (along with "bad" LDL= bad, HDL= good) and unsaturated, mono/ poly unsaturated etc. fats raise your HDL (good) cholesterol. Sodium limits are also in place because about 50% of the population will be more prone to high blood pressure due to sodium intake, you're actually safe to eat around 3000 mg a day, especially needed when you workout a lot, as long as you're drinking enough water.

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