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Full Body Workout Routine | The BEST Pump I’ve Ever Had

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  1. bro where is your workout for shoulders? i mean like a shoulder military press? how is your shoulder? and for your legs? where is the leg press? if you dont mind you said it is a full body work out ? but why its not full body? (sorry for the english grammar)

  2. full body workout does it all. Been doing it since day 1 using the big three split of 5×5 but Im doing it in max ot style with 3 accessories.. better than 5 days workout or 1 muscle group per day.. the muscle growth in full body workout are proportioned and well rounded gains

  3. Congrats on hitting 7K. Your videos are so helpful and always full of information. Keep up the great work and dedication. thanks for sharing your knowledge..

  4. Thanks bro is good for motivation I work out for 10 years but I have to have surgery in my back l3-l4 herniated disc so I have like one year the I haven't work out so I like you full body workout man is nice .

  5. Great video Rem! I'm a recent subscriber and really enjoy your channel! You said this is the leanest you have ever been; how much cardio do you incorporate a day/week to get that lean?

  6. Good workout brotha! I'm looking to buy me a pump mix too soon. I'm not big on pre workouts but these seem legit to mess with! I notice you do a lot of quick rep movement… Is this just mainly a "pump style" workout? You state this is how you tend to workout so you do a lot of hypertrophy work and I assume watching some of your other videos, you do a lot of quick reps when you work your sets… Any particular reason behind this aside from hypertrophy? Does it build good strength and muscle over time? I assume maybe you're more fast twitch dominant? Also how do you workout without music in your ears? Lol I'd go crazy if I left my headphones home!

  7. bro I need advice if you don't mind so I started gyming like two months ago it's coming to summer I weigh 72kgs I am currently cutting I started cutting when I weighed 78 should I maintain my weigh or continue to cut or clean bulk in your honest opinion because it's coming to summer so I wanna try and stay lean ?

  8. This is not a full body workout it is missing the legs. One set of squat is not a leg workout and some people wonder why they have bird legs

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