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Full Day Of Eating Plant Based + Gym Workout | VLOG

What’s going on everybody! In todays video I brought you guys a Full Day Of Eating plant based vlog style! I pulled up to the gym for a workout after a nice pre workout meal and stopped at a new spot in Houston Tx I like for a Smoothie!


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► About Me:
– My name is Jeroy, or Roy is cool
– I love improving so I make
creative self improvement videos
– I mainly eat plant based foods
– I’m from NY currently living in Houston Tx
– I love fitness, athletics and value health
– I stand for a strong mind and a strong body

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  1. aye lebron lost that game but they won regardless and he got his 4th one. thanks for putting this out there it helps me diversify my daily food and exercises i put in and i cant wait to see what the other banger will be there’s just one flaw the end, why do they have to end bro ? lol anyways have a great week jeroy ✌️&❤️ END

  2. I just finished watching your video. I appreciate the information you presented. I'm a vegan from New Jersey. I hope to maybe collaborate on information and content in the future. My Instagram is @herfirstbornson

  3. The Brodie Slick!! AYEEEE I SEE THOSE DARTH ROY HEATERS ON YO FOOT!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 sneakers!! IDK if you've worn it on other videos and was too SLICK with it but GAWDDAMN!!! My mannnnn called game too early 😂😂 battle of the team's superstars in the last few minutes was a sight to see!! This video has inspired me to have some ravioli 😂😂 Another banger brodie!!! Intro as slick as ever!! KEEP GRINDING #End #HealthisWealth #MambaMentality #StayTrueToSelf

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