Fitness Workout for Women

Fun Upper Body Workout for Great Arms & Shoulders (Bored Easily)

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  1. I wish you guys would release free 4 weeks or 8 weeks program for people who can't afford to buy programs for any reason. I absolutely love your workouts but I don't know how to use them to make it more effective.

  2. Hands down my favorite workout at the moment! You always keep up with the best quality guys. I really appreciate the Bored Easily ones, those are so painfully fun 😀 loved also the fact that this one is a standalone routine

  3. Hey you guys.. Was just curious.. I don't remember seeing ads before any of your videos.. don't you guys monetize your videos? Cuz I'd love for you guys to support yourself with YouTube for all the effort you're putting in!

    PS: I've lost 12 kilos using your FB programs and I swear you guys have changed my life forever!

  4. I don't know if you guys will see this but I just want to say thank you to kelly and Daniel. You guys don't even understand how much you have changed my life for the better. I started working out with you guys on YouTube about 6 months ago. Before that time I was binge eating everyday to the point I would feel physically sick. I was overweight, unhealthy and depressed. I cried myself to sleep almost every night. Then one day I stumbled across your YouTube channel and at that moment I promised myself to work towards bettering myself. Everyday I set aside some time to work out with you guys. I started at level 2 workouts and now I'm able to do level 4-5 without feeling like dying ????. I even changed my eating habits. I try to eat healthy a least 6 days a week. My body/skin have completely changed. I've lost a total of 22.5 pounds ???? My self esteem is through the roof lol. I'm overall a happier person because of you guys. I appreciate and thank you guys for making free YouTube videos for everyone. I hope to meet you guys in person one day so I can give you guys a big hug for helping me gain confidence in myself.

  5. Awesome! I love the halos, had a lot of fun doing those. Just one question: how important is it to balance the left and right side during those timer workouts? for example, if i do 12 pullovers on the left, do i have to do exactly the same number on the right?

  6. I Love fitness Blender!! The routines are awesome and easy to follow but challenging enough for any fitness level. I love all the coaching along the way. You guys crack me up! I'm so happy I found this channel. Hands down one of the top 3 fitness channels out there!!! Great work Daniel and Kelly!

  7. I love you guys. You have been huge motivators. I started out watching your videos for free and then I bought a few programs for my husband and I to do together. We have ourself some powerblocks and my husband made a stand for them. You guys are seriously the best. Offering free programs and truly caring about your followers is amazing. We will continue to watch you and purchase your programs. Thank you!

  8. hi guys.. I've been working out with your workouts a year ago! and i love all your videos… but I've seen also that the most of them are for losing weight. I will love to see a video about weight gaining 'cause some of us are struggling with it too :P.. Huge hugs for you from bogota Colombia :)

  9. Loved this upper body workout. I cannot get enough of Bored Easily series! Was that Loki barking in the background? My dog decided to join in. Would have loved to record it but completely unexpected. Thanks and looking forward to all the future workouts.

  10. I'm an American in Spain playing soccer with the Granada youth academy. They don't do much weight lifting so I'm looking at your videos and they're great! Unfortunately I don't have dumbbells, any good household alternatives?

  11. My biggest motivator to exercise is to do something positive for myself. Also, I usually make better food choices throughout the day when I do a workout. I try to exercise 5/6 days a week.

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