Fitness Workout for Women

GROW YOUR BOOBS | Chest And Tricep Workout For Women

Welcome back babes! And finally…. here is a new chest and tricep workout. This is what my typical Wednesday in the gym looks like. I hope you enjoy, xo.

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♡Cellucor C4 pre-workout

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♡Xtend BCAA’s


♡Muscle Milk 100% Whey Protein

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Superset | 3 sets
20 alternating single-arm fly
10 chest fly (both arms)

Superset | 3 sets
10 wide grip barbell press
10 reverse & close grip barbell press

Superset | 3 sets
10 wide grip cable tricep press
10 reverse grip cable tricep press

Tri-Set | 2 sets
10 incline bench dumbbell chest press
10 incline bench close grip (palms facing each other) dumbbell chest press
10 tricep dips (off a bench, box, etc.)

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  1. Hey Whit! When you do the alternating single arm DB flys, is it 20 reps for each arm OR 20 reps total for 10 reps on each arm??

    I love that you show yourself doing all the sets for the whole workout! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Hey Whit! Can you make another video on chest and tricep? I am new to working this out so would love fresh ideas on how to combine exercises for these two muscle groups. Thanks so much! I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL BTW IVE SEEN ALL YOUR VIDS <3 :)

  3. Girl I've been trying to find new chest and tri workouts, have done basically every video you've put up and love them so much . I was wondering if you have anymore chest videos coming are way ????????

  4. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL SO MUCH! Thank you for actually posting chest workouts! It's nice to add some new workouts to my routine, but chest exercises are hard to find. I mean plenty of men post them but it's nice to see my fellow ladies working chest with weight I can actually lift as opposed to benching 200lbs like the guys. Too many female fitness channels only focus on glute/leg workouts or back workouts. I love that you include it all! Basically you're awesome and I appreciate how hard you work at this channel 🙂 <3

  5. This video inspired me to venture into the free weights section today. Although I was the only girl and super intimidated, I felt like I was the only person with a structure to my work out ???????? thanks Whit!

  6. This is a super weird question but when I train arms, shoulders or back (basically anything using my arms), I get a super strong twitch in my upper lip that I can't control and I look like an absolute idiot. Is there any way to get rid of this? Thanks hun x

  7. When you look at women body builders they either have breast implants or no boobs at all. I want to avoid both… Does anybody know the tricks to working chest with weights and avoid both of these issues? I can't afford to lose a gram at on them.

  8. Found your channel last week and loving it. I did this workout last night but changed the cable moves as I work out at home and don't have a cable machine. Was a good workout though had to push myself on the last sets. Will be trying out one of your back workouts tonight :-)

  9. Can someone please explain to me how there are thin girls who have big boobs if boobs are just fat cells. I've been working out for months to lose weight and I think my boobs are shrinking :(

  10. Hey I was wondering if you could do some videos using machines at the gym. I know you do use a couple but I'm looking for more. I do some free weights but I'm also interested in seeing what all the machines do at the gym. Thanks!

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